Why I won't be doing the ice bucket challenge...

...and why you won't make me feel bad for it.  


So it finally, probably inevitably, happened. I was nominated to do the ice bucket challenge in aid of MND/ALS (depending where you are in the world). I was hoping this would all just pass me by without involving me, but there you go.  


Now don't get my wrong, research into such a horrible illness is obviously a good thing. But then so is research in to alzimers, dementia, multiple sclerosis and many other life altering illnesses. Not to mention the many and varied forms of cancer. Then there are all the charities that help those less fortunate than ourselves, whether they be at home or abroad, not to mention the animal charities, the heritage charities, the environmental charities and the many others that don't fit into any of the above categories. The are all (one hopes) raising money for good and worthy causes and all equally deserving of our time, attention and money.  


I would love to be able to put lots of money into lots of different charities, but unfortunately money is a scarce resource for lots of us, and there is no advantage to anyone in bankrupting ourselves by giving to charity. This is why I have a personal list of charities that for one reason or another I donate to on a regular basis. How I came up with this list is no ones business but mine, and I am at peace with my decision. I donate all the money I can afford across the year, and further to this, I donate my time to various charities and causes. Because of this, I feel no compunction to complete my challenge.  


As an aside,if you are going to join in, please make sure you know why you are doing and what it is all for. The reason you drop a bucket of ice water over yourself is because it simulates, for a short moment of time, the pain that a MND/ALS sufferer feels all of the time. Also, if you say you are donating, actually do it, the statistic I heard in the news was that something like half of the sheep, I mean people, doing it don't actually donate to anyone. Talk about jumping on the bandwagon.  







Welcome to my blog!  


I've been meaning to do this for a while, but now I have finally gotten around to it.  


I am currently 31 and a half, I was born in Hemel Hempstead but until a couple of years ago had spent most of my life in and around Leighton. Buzzard, Bedfordshire. For a variety of reasons, which I'm sure we'll talk about at some point, my wife and I decided to pick up and move to Bury St Edmunds, added to this we decided I should stop working and become a full time stay at home parent. At the time of the move our daughter, Lotte, was a few months short of four and Tat (the wife) was three months pregnant with our second child.  


In short, it was probably the best thing we could ever do for our family, Bury is an amazing town to live in, Lotte started at a wonderful pre-school which led to an even better primary school. After a short stint on maternity leave, Tat got promoted at work and I adore being the full time parent. I work once (sometimes twice) a week at the my wife's restaurant, which is just enough that I really enjoy it, if for no other reason than because I get to talk to grown ups! The rest of my time is spent running the house, and being run by the kids.  


This blog will be about lots of things, but mostly I imagine kids and parenting, cooking (a passion of mine) and the odd insight in the crazy world of hospitality. But wider than that, it will hopefully become an online journal of sorts where I can release in the world the wide range of things that cross my mind.  


I hope you enjoy what you find!