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Post by SpaceCowboy » Wed Jul 08, 2020 4:08 am

This story is my tribute to Charlie Daniels. I was a long time fan (mid to late 1970's) who had saw him in concert over 100 times. I wrote this in my head at work Monday after I had heard he had passed.

Ambulance arrives at medical center.
"Bring him in here and tell me what happened."

"According to his wife he was dressing when he collapsed. This was approximately 20 to 30 minutes ago. Also do you know who this is? He is one of mankind's great warriors against the dark."

"So I see. Nurse we will need some tests run here but I suspect either a heart attack or stroke"


As the doctor's continue their work ghostly but bright forms start gathering in a corner of the room greeting one another.

"Michael" "Azrael" "Gabriel" "Ariel" "Rapheal I see you brought his closest companions with you do you know something I don't?"

"Please Michael you know as well as I do he won't make it today and we are here to see him into the heavenly choir. And who better to help than the ones he spent so much time with?"

"Lucifer! What are you doing here?"

"He was my greatest failure twice beating me. Why wouldn't I be here?"

"Good point. Are you here to see him pass on or to take a final chance at his soul?"

"Neither I am here to recover that which I couldn't recover in life. He has kept me from other bard's for 60 years now."

"Oh yes those are the rules for that temptation aren't they?"

As the doctor's continue working the Archangels, life companions, and fallen angel keep a silent vigil.

Tears rolling down from his eyes the main doctor looks at the clock and pronounces the words he didn't want to say "Nurse time of death 8:22 am" addressing the deceased "Go with god my friend. Go with god."

Slowly a pale form appears before the host and looks wonderingly around himself.

"Where am I? What happened?"

His friends step forward from the heavenly gathering, "You had a stroke and will be joining us in Heaven's choir."

"But my wife, my son, my grandchildren what happens to them"

Michael steps forward, "They will morn as will your millions of fans but they will also join you someday. Some sooner than others but your sacrifice and battles guaranteed a better life for them as well as yourself. The bard that wins that temptation always has others follow them into the heavenly host even if they go on before the bard."

Lucifer steps forward, "That is true but shortly I will be able to use that temptation again and I always gain souls before someone can beat me to deny it to me for a time. And this time I will use care in its use it has been gone too long."

The warrior laughs at this, "But what if someone has beaten me since our last battle?"

Startled Lucifer asks, "What do you mean?"

"I was once the best but a better person has since came along and challenged me. I lost. What happens to your temptation in that case?"

Lucifer looks pale, "It stays with them until they die or someone beats them in the same way, and it can't be me. "

Charlie known as Johnny in the song about the battle grins, "Good may they have a long happy life."

Looking around at his friends and the Archangels, "I believe I'm supposed to be going somewhere beautiful?"

They leave with Lucifer standing head down behind them asking himself "Who can it be? Who can it be? How old are they? Where are they?"

Miles away in an Irish pub a young lady asks "Who's ready for some fiddle music?" as she swings her golden fiddle around.
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Re: Vigil

Post by McCarron2 » Wed Jul 15, 2020 11:02 am

What a wonderful tribute!! Thanks for posting it.

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