Please read this before posting in the forum

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Please read this before posting in the forum

Post by granath » Wed May 17, 2017 2:20 pm

Simon asked me to post this here following a suggestion I posted in the Help and suggestions forum.
The idea is to avoid comments in the middle of a multiple-post story.

If you're posting a continuing story consisting of several chapters or posts:
  • Please put "To be continued" at the end of each chapter or post and "The end" after the last post.
  • When you've posted the first chapter, consider posting a comments thread "Comments: [story name]".
If you're posting a story consisting of one or two posts that you post one after the other:
  • Put "The end" at the end of the story.
  • Please put comments concerning a longer story in the appropriate comments thread.
  • If no comments thread has been posted and more than an hour or two have passed since the first post of the story was posted, feel free to start your own comments thread.
  • Comments on short stories should be posted in the story thread to avoid cluttering the forum.
  • Unless the author has requested a deep critique of the story, stay positive in your comments.
  • All normal rules concerning poster behavior apply in the comments threads, so be nice.
Happy posting and reading!
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